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Voices of Christ Church and St. Michael’s Episcopal

We organize the monthly Community Suppers at Christ Church and St. Michael’s. Last month we had fried chicken, vegetables, salad, lemonade, and cake. We had sixty-five of our Germantown neighbors join us!
Some took home food afterward for the next day.

Muriel Rains & Renee Coleman
Muriel Rains & Renee ColemanChurch MembersJoin Us!

After the prayers, we have the Passing of the Peace.  It takes five to ten minutes, because everyone has to be greeted and sometimes embraced.  Visitors have told us what a warm church we have!

Jarma Frisby
Jarma FrisbyChurch MemberJoin Us!

Every month I send cards to whoever is having a birthday.  I send get well cards, too.  This ministry has helped me get to know everyone in the church, and I talk to them after the service.

Marguerite Outterbridge
Marguerite OutterbridgeChurch MemberJoin Us!

When I first came to CCSM, I was privileged to join with the rector and a dedicated group of clergy and medical professionals in the development of the Wholistic Health Care Center in Germantown. It has truly been a joy, a privilege, and a blessing to participate in the sharing of gifts and talents that characterizes
the work of this congregation.

Valdea Jennings
Valdea JenningsChurch MemberJoin Us!

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Our welcoming group connects the Bible with life choices and current issues.


We have the privilege of sharing God’s love with our neighbors in Germantown and across the city.


Check out our calendar for opportunities to grow spiritually, experience warm fellowship, and serve others.

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